E-Space: Fact or Fiction?

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DVD science featurette for Doctor Who story no. 112
  • produced and directed by Keith Barnfather
  • edited by Anastasia Stylianou

  • narrated by Sophie Aldred
  • (c) 2009 2|entertain
  • 1 featurette @ 14 minutes

Data Capsule Review

by Martin Izsak

This bonus featurette for a Doctor Who DVD manages to be quite a high quality science documentary in its own right, rivaling shows like
"The Universe", "Cosmos", or the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

Paul Parsons is particularly good at getting the concepts for each of the four basic levels (types) of alternate universes across quickly and simply, such that they remain clear and distinct in the minds of the audience long afterwards.

Stephen Baxter also does a good job of explaining how Level 3 alternate universes resolve most time "paradoxes", aided by some simple but effective graphics of a man walking down multiple paths.

The visuals for this featurette include a combination of actual astronomical photographs and many beautiful, ethereal full-motion computer animations.

In the end, this is a great primer for the parallel universe topic, and a highly-recommended place to start before digging deeper into the subject, as one can do with longer documentaries like "The Universe: Parallel Universes".

Participants include:

Paul Parsons

Author of
"The Science of Doctor Who"

Dr. Andrew Ball

Planetary Scientist
The Open University

Stephen Baxter

Science Fiction author

Mat Irvine

Fellow of the
British Interplanetary Society

visual effects designer / model maker on "Doctor Who"

Sir Patrick Moore


Christopher H. Bidmead

writer / script editor
"Doctor Who"

This documentary is available on DVD on the "Full Circle" disc of the E-Space trilogy.
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