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"We donít see things as they are. We see them as we are."
~ Anais Nin (1903-1977), American-French writer

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Deciding Your Health

You've probably had exposure to many conflicting, sometimes opposite views, practices and philosophies of health, with one of the broadest differences being labeled eastern medicine and western medicine. Each approach has its uses and benefits. Do they really need to remain separate in our perception? What really is the most helpful way of approaching this complex subject?

The Recipe Structure

Time and again, I come back to the analogy of a recipe. We've all seen them. In particular, there is a simple two-part structure common to all recipes in most known cultures of our planet. First there is a list of ingredients. Then there is a set of instructions telling the cook what to do with the ingredients in order to produce the desired dish. And the dish cannot turn out correctly without both the ingredients and the proper instructions being followed - neither one on its own is enough to produce the desired result.

Traditional western medicine seems to be focused heavily on getting the proper physical ingredients for health. Eat the right foods, have your doctor prescribe the right drugs from the pharmacy, remove or kill anything internal that you don't want surgically, and hope it all reconstitutes itself into the desired dish of health.

And then we in the west look at eastern medicine and notice primarily only that which is different from our own style - that the mind and psychological/emotional wellbeing can have a profound impact on health. Some people claim to be healed by mental/spiritual focus alone, attracting those looking for either a magical or more self-sufficient cure.

I suggest we can all achieve greater health by noting how these two elements best interact, like the structural elements of a recipe, both with their own important place in the healing process. The right physical elements, from food or pharmacy, can only be ingredients for your recipe of health. The instructions are coming from you, selected from your genetics by your mental, and more importantly, EMOTIONAL wellbeing.


Back in highschool, as my biology teacher lectured on how molecules are taken apart during biological processes, and the atoms rearranged and reassembled into new molecules, several things struck me. It seemed that, as long as the mathematics were correct, the number of new combinations of chemicals that could be produced in the body, or anywhere else, were limitless. How could we be so certain about which new molecular combination would form? What factors determined the new arrangements of the atomic ingredients? Where were the instructions in these recipes? Something critical seemed to be getting glossed over all too hastily.

"Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry, a happier, healthier body.
It's our thoughts and emotions that are continuously reassembling, re-organizing, recreating our body."
                                                 -Dr. John Hagelin PHD. Quantum Physicist

Much has been said and written overstating the fact that our thoughts create reality, including the reality of our health. While we do not disagree with this, the level of thought is often too basic to be useful and practical. It's like trying to learn computer programming by micro-managing every single on/off bit of information in native machine language code. Yes, back in the day, that's how it was done. But more time and energy was spent on correcting mistakes and clarifying instructions than on the actual act of creation. Today we can create programs far more sophisticated in almost no time at all because we have developed higher level languages with shortcuts and templates for all the most common programming tasks.

In terms of health, your body also has templates for all kinds of functions and contingencies, many of which you thankfully won't need, some of which are redundant, while others are relevant and powerful. They are in your genetic structure, having evolved and been perfected throughout the creation and evolution of our species. We also have "higher level language" shortcuts, which exist in the chemical counterparts to our emotions. If you believe that certain chemicals can cause certain feelings in the body, you are probably ready to experience this symbiosis in reverse as the feeling causes the chemical to be reproduced in the body, which will select from your genetic blueprint exactly what style of repair or maintenance will be performed in the body.

"So they found out that the human mind is the biggest factor in the healing arts,
more so than sometimes the medication."
                                                 -Dr. John F. DeMartini D.C. BSC Philosopher

If you notice a habitual emotion that is not in your best interests, you may well want to investigate any habitual patterns of thought or habitual interpretations of external events that helped manifest it. Nipping those in the bud can make it easier to live in a better emotional frame of reference more often. But by recognizing the relevance of your emotional charges, you will not have to waste energy policing the random, harmlessly uncharged negative thoughts that all of us have on occasion.

So, long story short, ingredients are a great start, but they not enough on their own. In fact, a bad mental/emotional focus can counteract properties of good ingredients, turning them into poisons.

"And he [Jesus] called the people to him and said to them, `Hear and understand:
Not what goes into the mouth defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.'"
                                                            Matthew 15:10-11

This seems to support the idea that inner psychological interpretations determine what a body makes out of the ingredients that it digests, and spiritual faith can cleanse and purify chemicals internal to the body. In some eastern traditions, poison is taken into the body to be turned into safe & beneficial chemicals as a test of faith. Next to poison, a bit of dirt from an unwashed hand isn't worth worrying about. But a person who speaks nasty things all the time is giving the world proof that he has habits of interpretation that will allow him to ingest safe & beneficial ingredients into his body and then turn them into poisons.


In fact, there are suggestions that some regard the act of turning poisons into healthy substances within the body by acts of will (and emotion) alone as a mark of a high level of spiritual concentration, which it probably is. Two examples I know of where this idea has permeated into popular science-fiction tales are "Dune" and "Snakedance".

Frank Herbert's "Dune" contains what is probably the more obvious of the two examples. There is a critical scene in which the main character's mother must drink a poison and survive to prove that she has the skill to become the community's spiritual leader. Her focus is great, and she transmutes the substance inside her until it benefits the body. Although this is often acted out on screen as a somewhat painful challenge, I suspect the blissful serenity associated with Buddha would be what you would need to feel in order to make this process work.

The example from the Doctor Who story "Snakedance" (story no. 125) is perhaps less obvious, but more practical and helpful. Enduring a snakebite is the first step in a ritual conducted by certain members of the planet Manussa, who then harness the hallucinogenic properties of the substance for their meditation while countering the poison, if any, with their mental / spiritual focus. The viewer is allowed to follow the thoughts of this focus as it is spelled out in voice-overs representing telepathic communication between the main character and his mentor - a template which I have found to be of great benefit over the years.

Now, unless you have a reckless need to prove something spiritually, there is no point in burdening yourself with poisonous ingredients as a starting point for health. Live smart. Start with great ingredients, and your mental/emotional focus will be easier to achieve and take you farther and faster than ever.

"Now we know that the body in fact is capable of generating a complex network of chemicals (neuro-transmitters, neuro-peptides, and related molecules) that the brain uses to communicate emotions throughout the body.

"....we can bypass the bewildering complexity of brain chemistry. Nature has given us ojas, a single substance for happiness that the body makes all the time.

"Ideally any food you eat is turned into ojas. At the breast, a baby naturally turns his mother's milk into ojas, but it would take a remarkable digestive tract to produce ojas from three-day-old leftover pizza."

"Perfect Health"
by Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Deepak Chopra, "Perfect Health" pages 252-253


As with all things, balance is key. Making healthy food choices, and getting the right amounts of exercise, rest, fresh air and water gives your mindbody a great advantage in achieving optimum health, because it will have to spend less energy processing those ingredients into what it needs. It's a headstart.

The real trick is to not obsess over the ingredients at the expense of mental, emotional, and even social wellbeing. Have faith in the mindbody's flexibility and ability to absorb and transform the odd dietary indiscretion, when the mind and emotions are pure and fulfilled.

"Dis-ease cannot live in a body that is in a healthy emotional state."
                                                           -Bob Proctor

It is up to you to decide exactly what thoughts you want to conjure up, and what actions you want to take, to produce the desired emotions in your being and corresponding chemicals in your body to instruct your recipe of health. Know thyself, find your happy thoughts, and follow your bliss!

Article written by Martin Izsak. Comments on this article are welcome. You may contact the author from this page:

Contact page

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