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"Judge by cause, not by effect."
~ unknown

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Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Lipton began as a medical researcher and professor studying the functions of human muscle cells. What he discovered was so mind-blowing, he felt he had to share it with more than just his university students, and so began marketing his lecture to the world at large. His scientific demonstration of the biological mechanisms that allow perception and decision to guide cellular adaptation and genetics effectively fills a major scientific hole in the Theory of Evolution with the means for a grand intelligence to have a designing hand in the process. His lectures are not to be missed!

The Biology of Perception - with Dr. Bruce Lipton
The Psychology of Change - with Rob Williams

Following a 69-minute presentation of Dr. Lipton's lecture, which proves your ultimate control over your physiology, the question remains: how do you use and access that control? Enter Rob Williams, who demonstrates a method for accessing and communicating with the emotional subconscious part of us intimately linked with our biological cellular processes.
(Total time: 69 minutes + 73 minutes)
DVD and VHS available

The New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet

A longer, more in-depth version of Dr. Bruce Lipton's groundbreaking lecture.
(Total Time: 2 hours, 39 minutes)
DVD and VHS available

As Above, So Below - An introduction to Fractal Evolution

An introduction to Fractal Evolution By Bruce H. Lipton, Phd 90 minute DVD

The Biology of Belief - "LITE"

Recorded at "What the Bleep do we Know" Scottsdale, AZ October 2005


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