Flax Oil as a True Aid

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
~ Mahatma Gandhi, 20th century Indian spiritual & political leader

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Harnessing the True Functions of Fats and Oils

Seven-time Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Johanna Budwig is a best-selling author and world-renowned scientist and biochemist, whose pioneering research on the functions of fats and oils remains unknown to the public at large today in part because of its percieved threat to the profitable methods of preserving food and increasing its shelf-life currently used by the food industry. Any of us who value human life more than shelf-life would do well to learn the simple principles that make or break the ability of fats to function properly within the body.

From Sun-Blocked to Solar-Powered Skin

Still trying to prevent sunburn by covering yourself in lotions designed to block the sun's rays and protect your skin? You can literally switch your strategy from protection into growth by eating the right combination of unsaturated oils and proteins - this actually allows your skin to act as a solar panel, converting the sun's rays into a form of energy that can power your body instead of damaging it. It's practically a form of photosynthesis for the animal kingdom!

"Flax Oil as a True Aid against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases"

This is the title of a compact, information-rich, internationally bestselling book by Dr. Johanna Budwig. It contains transcriptions of three of her phenomenal scientific lectures, translated from the original German ("Fette als Wahre Hilfe Gegen Arteriousklerose, Herzinfrakt, Krebs"). The book is named after the first lecture; the other lectures are: "Solar Energy Against Cancer - Biological Prevention and Healing of Cancer, The Bio-chemical Reactions of Unsaturated Fats, Electron Biology and Resonance Absorption of Solar Electrons" and "The Fats Syndrome & Photons as Solar Energy".

  • Find out why fats govern so many aspects of the human body.
  • Discover what flax oil will do for your body.
  • Learn about saturated and unsaturated fats.
  • Find out how electrons and photons work in the human body.
  • Learn about the oil-protein diet.
  • Discover why the living body may lack the ability to assimilate fat and how you can change it.
Dr. Budwig continues to bring about a scientific revolution connecting the relationship between cancer research and fat metabolism, and "is considered by many to be THE foremost authority on fats and healing".

Flax Oil as a True Aid

Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases

Paperback - English, 3rd Edition

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