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"We don't see things as they are. We see them as we are."
~ Anais Nin (1903-1977), American-French writer

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Introduction to Maldek

"Maldek" is one of several now popular names given to the ancient fifth planet of our solar system, whose orbit used to lie between that of Mars and Jupiter. At some point in the past, it was destroyed, leaving what we now know as the asteroid belt in its former orbit.

What caused the destruction of this planet? When did it occur? Was it populated at the time? What impact did this event have on the rest of the solar system and its planets?

On this page can be found many different theories and bits of information on this subject, from writings both ancient and modern. The reader is encouraged to explore, make up his or her own mind, and exercise his or her inescapable freedom to choose what to believe in.

The most common constant in these various theories and explanations is the approach of yet another celestial body which had a hand in Maldek's destruction. The most unique name for this other celestial body seems to be the one given to it by researcher and author Zecharia Sitchin: Nibiru.

Clues & Histories from the Sumerian Texts

The Twelfth Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin,
                   Book One of The Earth Chronicles

              "The 4,500-year-old depiction, however, also insists
              that there was - or has been - another major planet
              between Mars and Jupiter.  It is, as we shall show,
              ...the planet of the Nefilim."
                                                    page 206

Book One of "The Earth Chronicles" by Zecharia Sitchin offers one of the more complicated and detailed explanations of what happened to the fifth planet and how the asteroid belt was formed from its remains. Sitchin's theory stems from the deciphering of documents, texts, tablets, and pictographs unearthed from ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia including those of Sumer & Babylon. To those ancient authors, these were not theories, but historical facts imparted to them by their Nefilim gods, who used vehicles to traverse between Earth and the heavens at will.

The planetary numbering system inherited by Sitchin is a bit confusing, since, in addition to the nine planets recognized by our science today, the ancient texts also count the sun and moon, bringing Sitchin's count up to eleven. Maldek, referred to by the name "Tiamat" in Sitchin's sources, then competes for the honour of being "The 12th Planet" with Nibiru, the other celestial body responsible for splitting it apart.

Sitchin devotes an entire chapter of his book to his interpretation of the "Epic of Creation", translated from ancient Babylonian tablets which describe the events up to and including the biblical creation of heaven, Earth, and Man. To the Babylonians, the epic was known by its opening phrase "Enuma Elish". Each of the Babylonian gods was associated with a planet or other celestial body in the solar system, and while the epic describes the interaction of these characters using emotions and human dysfunction at the heart of their conflicts and battles, Sitchin chooses to interpret them not as gods but as the planets themselves, thus the epic describes the creation of our solar system and, among other things, the events which turned Maldek into an asteroid belt.

Sitchin's version basically has Nibiru making two passes at Maldek. The first has Nibiru's moons hitting Maldek and dispersing its satellites while the two planets themselves narrowly miss each other. Nibiru then slingshots around our sun, and comes back to break off half of the already fractured Maldek and bulldoze the pieces to create the asteroid belt. The other half of Maldek is hit by Nibiru's last remaining moon and carried to a new orbit. Interestingly, the epic is very specific regarding flashing of energy and "lightning" occuring between the two planets, which Sitchin presents as weather anomalies caused by the planets' unhealthy proximity to each other.

When did the destruction of Maldek occur? Was it in the nebulous formation period of the solar system, when the planets were still malleable? Or did it occur in more recent times, after life, civilization, and humanoid war and space travel had had a chance to sprout on or colonize one or more of the solar systems planets?

The "Enuma Elish" epic undoubtedly reveals important clues to some of the events in our solar system. But like the characters in Image of the Fendahl (Doctor Who story no. 94), Sitchin seems to be trying too hard to make this piece of the puzzle fill in all of the blanks and explain everything. Sitchin would have us believe that the depths of the Pacific Ocean are the results of Earth being formed out of the remains of this second half of Maldek. The Pacific is deep, but not deep enough for us to believe that half of the planet is missing underneath the water. After all, how precarious is the bit that holds Hawaii up above sea level? We need to remind ourselves that Earth's outer crust is still intact under the Pacific, and there's a whole lot of magma and core under that.

One of the biggest missing factors that Sitchin may be overlooking in his first Earth Chronicles book, is the far greater proximity of our Solar system in those days to the Sirius binary star system. I've heard it said that our sun was basically the outermost third star of a trinary Sirius star system in those days ( Royal Priest Research, Recording #9: "Earth Inception"), and that Sirius A and B shared about 17 more planets in various orbits about themselves, any of which could have had an impact in our solar system or played a role in the epic in the days when Maldek was still in one piece.

It is also interesting to note that, when the Babylonians made their copy of this epic from the earlier Sumerian versions, they took all references to the original "heroic" god of the tale Ninurta and his Nibiru planetary counterpart, and changed them to match the name of their ruling deity of the time: "Marduk", proving that historical records of any era are often politically bent by the victorious. How many other edits did this tale have to endure between the time that the events happened and the time that the Sumerians imprinted their version in the clay? How much of the tale was anthropomorphized for the benefit of the primitive human understanding of the time? And are the war-like events best interpreted as occuring between physical planets all the way through the story, or should some passages be better interpreted as occuring between the people of those planets and the extraterrestrial "god" at the head of their social structure?

Links to Further Reading

  • "In those ancient days there were really only three planets that could support physical life: one was Mars, one was Earth and one was Maldek, which is now your asteroid belt. There were no humans on those planets. They were primarily ET territory."

    "This was a common theme throughout the extraterrestrial interaction with ancient Earth. There were gods assigned to the Earth territory and gods assigned to territory of the heavens which, of course, would be Mars and Maldek. "

    "Ancient humankind was never a victim of these ETs. All beings create their own reality for their own purposes of learning and growth, and ancient humankind was the same way."

    Lyssa Royal channels Germane, who charts various historical civilizations on and off the Earth. As always, the high spiritual-growth / self-improvement value of Lyssa's material puts it in a class of its own, and so it rises to the top of this list. It is interesting to note here, that Earth and Maldek exist separately at the same time, each with civilizations on them.

  • "The pull of the gigantic gas planet, Jupiter, pulled the comet off course. The ice comet then headed directly for Maldek. The citizens of that planet asked the Martians for help. Even though they were at odds with each other, they allowed some of the Maldekians to move to the Martian underground. The comet came so close to Maldek that the planet got caught between the gravitational pull of Jupiter, Mars, and the comet. This caused the planet to explode, leaving an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The explosion pushed the ice comet close enough to Mars to rip the atmosphere off that planet, leaving only an extremely thin atmosphere. The explosion also pulled Mars further away from the sun. The comet then continued on toward the Earth....."

    This version of Maldek's destruction involves a race of Reptilian E.T.'s playing a sinister game of billiards with the planets of our solar system! Note here that Maldek's demise is the result of primarily gravitational forces, but may have been worse had it not been for miscalculations in the trajectory of the hollow "comet" planet that stands in for Nibiru in this version of the tale.

    Interestingly, Earth does not form from half of Maldek's remains, as Zecharia Sitchin postulated. Instead, Earth is already in existance, and the Maldek incident brings about the creation of Venus instead.... and interestingly, the portion of the "Enuma Elish" Epic of Creation that deals with what was created out of the intact half of Maldek/Tiamat is vague enough to suggest it could have been either Earth or Venus, or perhaps even a third alternative that has yet to be rediscovered.

    Also discussed in this version is a galactic "Federation", with the citizens of Mars, Maldek, and a planet around the star Atlas in the Pleiadies Cluster refusing to join. The Federation was supposedly an alliance against the reptoid / dinoid forces, but before investing too much fear and prejudice in that dynamic, check out the role-reversal in one of the other versions of Maldek history below....

  • Wikipedia Terminology for 3 different Maldek Theories
    • This conservative Wikipedia page states that the idea of the breakup of a fifth planet in our solar system to form the asteroid belt is officially known in science as the "disruption" theory.
      It contrasts this with something known as the "Planet V" theory, which supposes that a fifth planet existed between Mars and the asteroid belt, and that this planet may have "crashed" into the sun. "Planet V" theory does not explain the creation of the asteroid belt, or very much of anything other than perhaps the Late Heavy Bombardment period of Earth/solar geology.

  • Excerpt from Lunar-Gate: The 51st Greatest Conspiracy of All Time:
         "As for the cratering on the moon, 
         [author William L. Brian II] pulls a theory apparently 
         out of the heavenly firmament, explaining that those 
         familiar features are in fact the handiwork of 
         "sophisticated weapons" used in "a terrible war 
         involving the moon," which took place 
         "less than 30,000 years ago." 
         ....Brian describes a Star Wars-like scenario in which 
         a hollow planet between Mars and Jupiter was 
         obliterated by high-tech particle beams,
         leaving behind our latter-day asteroid belt. 
         That asteroid belt planet 
         ("hereafter referred to as Maldek," he writes, 
         somewhat inexplicably) had a moon, which, thanks to 
         "great levitating or gravity-inducing beams" 
         was transported into the orbit of 
         its new host: Planet Earth. "

    This version of Maldek's destruction adds to the theory that there was more going on than random collisions between celestial bodies, and that the conflicts between the "gods" in the "Enuma Elish" epic may have been as emotional and socially motivated as literally described. It also suggests that the "lightning" flashes between Maldek and Nibiru may have been more than just side-effects of weather anomalies....

  • Excerpt found on: "Occurrences in Space", originally from Sheldon Nidle's book.
    Source Of Information: "YOU ARE BECOMING A GALACTIC HUMAN"
    by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene
    Virginia: Could you explain about the planet Maldek 
              and how it was destroyed?
    Washta: These survivors of the destruction of Earth�s biosphere
    by the pre-cetaceans had fled to what we call Maldek 
    (in the dinoid and reptoid language it has a name that is 
    very complicated to even spell in English). 
    What we would like to state is that a vast series of wars 
    existed in your solar system throughout this time frame 
    between humans and other groups. 
    The most important result of these wars led 
    the dinoids and reptoids to settle or inhabit Maldek 
    after they were forced to flee from Earth, Mars and Venus. 
    In order to come back into your solar system 
    in a controlling way, they used this Maldek planet 
    as a base or capital headquarters in their attempt 
    to colonize, maintain, and control the solar system. 
    Therefore, the galactic human forces decided it was 
    essential that their base be destroyed in order for a 
    human re-colonization program to succeed. In order to 
    accomplish this, it was necessary to bring in 
    an *INSTRUMENT* (emphasis mine)
    of war that would be sufficient to destroy it.
    Virginia: Was this instrument a battle planet?
    Washta: Yes, that was the solution.  This battle planet 
            was nearly four times the size of Earth�s diameter
            or 29,000 miles across.
    Virginia: Okay, and after it destroyed Maldek 
              (from which the Asteroid Belt was created) 
              what happened to the battle planet? 
              I understand that it still exists today.
    Washta: Yes, it still exists. 
    It was put into a large scale orbit roughly 
    6.8 billion miles across at its farthest point 
    from the Sun. It comes in on a 3,600 year cycle 
    where it crosses almost through Mercury�s orbit 
    and then heads back-out. This was done to assure 
    future protection for your planet and solar system 
    because of the past murderous invasions by dinoids 
    and other groups that completely destroyed 
    both your Mars and your Venus colonies.  
    Because of that past destruction in your solar system, 
    the Galactic Federation has had to expend a great effort 
    to bring human colonization back into your solar system.
    It is a safety device. This battle planet patrols out there 
    as a constant reminder to potential murderers that there is 
    indeed protection for this solar system.
    Virginia: Yes, in the Bible it talks about Wormwood and 
    of course other people have written about the twelfth planet. 
    Would we understand this to be the same vehicle?
    Washta: This is the same vehicle.

    Here again, the Nibiru planet is a gigantic "Death Star", designed for war. This version of the story does match Sitchin's version from the "Epic of Creation" in that the Nibiru planet achieves an extreme elliptical orbit around our sun that takes 3,600 years to complete.

    Note the role-reversal that occurred in this version of the story. Was Maldek inhabited by reptoids and dinoids who were destroyed by humanoids, or was Maldek inhabited by humanoids and destroyed by reptoids and dinoids? Did control of Maldek, and perhaps Nibiru, swing back and forth between the separate "passes" recorded in Sumerian texts? Perhaps, as was the case with the Babylonian god Marduk, there are those who were keen to rewrite this tale with themselves as the victors.

  • "Formal Extraterrestrial Contact: The Ashtar Command". This lengthy page concerning various motivations towards ET contact has this tidbit to say about the planet Maldek:
         "Draconians walk on two legs but are best described as 
         reptilian in appearance. They have a history of conquest 
         in the galaxy. They reportedly occupied the Earth 
         millions of years ago (among other things running off 
         a small Arcturian outpost)  as well as a planet possibly 
         named Maldek in our Solar System, which (after a major war) 
         we now know as the Asteroid Belt."

    It goes on to suggest that these Draconians have since made spiritual progress and joined the humanoid "Federation" which the authors believe have humanity's and the Earth's best interests at heart.

  • "Now, those groups do not exist now in the same way they existed then. They have evolved also. So it is not like the same energy is still working with you..." ( Royal Priest Research, Recording #9: "Earth Inception")

    Just a reminder to not get wrapped up in old conflicts that ought to rest in peace. Today is a new day, and there are much grander relationships with the rest of the universe to participate in....

  • "In addition, Hubble recently investigated one of the largest asteroids, Vesta, and found evidence of differentiated layers similar to the terrestrial planets, distinctive light and dark areas like the face of our moon, and a geology similar to the Earth, including evidence of ancient lava flows. "

    "Tiamat & the Asteroid Belt"

    • We end with a posting on a forum belonging to a Chicago Astronomer, who discusses the Sumerian/Sitchin ideas about Maldek/Tiamat. Login and have your say!

Article written by Martin Izsak. Comments on this article are welcome. You may contact the author from this page:

Contact page

If you liked this article you may also enjoy reviews for two back-to-back Doctor Who stories that involve Maldek, first as an asteroid belt in "The Invisible Enemy" (story no. 93), then as a planet in "Image of the Fendahl" (story no. 94), though it becomes clear that these stories fail to recognize that they are both talking about essentially the same celestial body.


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