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New for April 3, 2016:

Today, we shift right back to the beginning of "The Universe" TV series with the episodes:
"Secrets of the Sun" and
"Mars: The Red Planet".

Season One's initial tour of the solar system begins with the powerful energy source at the heart of it all, then moves on to one of the planets that has always held a special fascination for Mankind.

New for May 30, 2015:

Science article:
"The Brown Dwarf That Almost Made Exoplanet History"

Brown Dwarfs are so big and hot... how did they not become the first extrasolar planets found by Mankind? Find out how close they came, before missing out on all the glory....

Classic Articles:

The Fourth Density

In this article, we discuss the nature of the evolution of human consciousness, which sits at the heart of the New Age movement, and the business and personal development worlds. For all those interested in the optimistic vision of the future...

The Maldek Files:
The Fifth Planet

An investigation into the histories and theories about Maldek: the original fifth planet of our solar system, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, where now only an asteroid belt remains....

Article: Recipe for Health

A feature article on the relationship between leading practices and philosophies of mind, body, health and wellbeing.

Article: "The Evolution of Political Ideals"

A primer page for our series of articles highlighting the philosophical underpinnings in our politics and governmental systems.

Monetary Reform Page

Here we outline what publicly accountable governments could do to reclaim their power over the banks and end the debt-based financial shell games and budgetary concerns that affect government's ability to deal with nearly EVERY other issue of importance. Do this year's scare tactics reflect all the historical hall-marks of yet another public banking scam?


In this article, we show how the famous Einstein equation must depart from Newtonian physics to retain its meaning, and how the speed of light is the most mislabeled piece of the puzzle....
Article: "Green Control"

Are "government-knows-best" and tax-punishment policies really the best methods of achieving harmony between man, nature and the environment? Join us in our quest to put a better "Green Shift" on the cards than what has so far been proposed.

The Philadelphia Experiment

A brief primer on what this was, how far its time travel research may have gone, and how all this might best fit in with human social growth....

Article: "Animal Whispering
and the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Densities"

What a fun way for a human to better understand balance! Our article details how Cesar Millan's techniques for communication between 2nd and 3rd density can help human viewers prepare for and trigger the fourth density. Bonuses include managing your energy, promoting a calm-assertive stance, and living in the moment.

New for March 13, 2015:

The new Astronomy section at
expands with eight new documentary data capsule reviews, beginning with: "Alien Moons", plus:

"Cosmos" episode guide and music catalogue
This much-loved classic documentary series from Carl Sagan continues to woo over new fans and satisfy on repeat viewing those lucky enough to discover it long ago. Now a new set of episodes with Neil deGrasse Tyson continues the tradition....

New for February 26, 2015:

Our new Astronomy section at launches with
an Episode Guide Catalogue for an outstanding documentary series:
"The Universe"
This lively, informative, documentary series featuring scientist interviews and very cool CGI graphics has quickly become a favourite for astronomy enthusiasts. Common topics include new discoveries of exoplanets, features and conditions on planets and moons within our solar system, and various principles of physics and biology with cosmic significance.

Data capsule summaries for individual episodes begin with: "Alien Planets"

New for June 10, 2015:

Planets and the Universe - Data Capsule reviews:
"The Outer Planets"
"Beyond The Big Bang"
"The Hunt for Ringed Planets"
"Mars: The New Evidence"
"Time Travel"
"E-Space: Fact or Fiction?"

New for November 28, 2015:

Season 6 Data Capsule reviews for "The Universe":

"Our Place in the Milky Way"
"Deep Freeze"

Science Fiction:

New for May 18, 2016:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"The Zygon Invasion/Inversion", and "Sleep No More".

Sci-fi often tackles great social metaphors - but this Zygon story about keeping a fragile peace is particularly poignant, cinematic, sublime, triumphant, uplifting, and significantly flawed. Possibly the most fascinating entry in the 35th Season of Doctor Who.

New for April 25, 2016:

Our "Buyers' Guide to Season 35" of Doctor Who, and
the in-depth analysis review of the first story: "Last Christmas".

The box set for a much improved second year for Peter Capaldi begins with a decent 2014 Christmas special that sets a better tone for the season to come...

New for April 29, 2016:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"The Magician's Apprentice / The Witch's Familiar".

Doctor Who pushes itself to put one of the most admirable philosophies of the main character to one of the biggest ever tests... and succeeds brilliantly at creating one of its most powerful and satisfying dramas ever.

New for May 9, 2016:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"Under the Lake", "The Girl Who Died", and "The Woman Who Lived".

Each adventure in this batch of generally good stories holds itself back a bit by not quite knowing when to embrace formula more closely and when to let go and chase a new idea with more reckless abandon....

New for December 12, 2015:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"Robot of Sherwood", "Listen", and "Time Heist".

Here, we return to dissect the decent episodes of the middle of season 34, highlighting which diversions from formula worked and which needed to be better...

New for December 30, 2015:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"The Caretaker", Secrets of the Moon, and "Mummy on the Orient Express".

There's a small gem hidden in this batch of stories, amongst some mediocre and grossly misfiring offerings. Our reviews highlight the gold and the unrealized potential....

New for December 31, 2015:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews:
"In the Forest of the Night", and an updated version of the two-part "Dark Water" finale.

And with these last three episodes, Season 34 runs out of energy and fizzles. Could these story directions have been salvaged by more skillful and adventuresome plotting?

New for December 18-29, 2014:

Doctor Who In-depth Reviews: "Deep Breath", "Into the Dalek", "Flatline", and
the Season 34 story arc
plus our annual ranking of stories, writers, and directors, and our Buyers' Guide to the season.
A steadier pace overall for Season 34 threatens to expose plot holes and lack of true narrative drive. In these reviews we highlight some of the more interesting aspects of the latest season, and note how it eventually focused on lesser ideas...

New for January 9, 2015:

Our disc-by-disc reviews for the
"Doctor Who 11-Disc 50th Anniversary Collection"
Music CD Box Set are now complete with the additions of
disc 1 for William Hartnell,
disc 5 for Peter Davison,
and disc 8 for Paul McGann....

New for November 20, 2014:

"Star Trek TOS Music Catalogue" page listing all the details of the recent 15 CD box set, and providing a cue-by-cue comparison with the smattering of older CD releases available previously, whose track listings also receive a long overdue de-bunking....

New for October 10, 2014:

The Ron Jones Project Catalogue page detailing all the tracks and available mp3's from this glorious landmark 14-disc audio CD box set. Ron Jones' stunning compositions for the 1st four seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation became the iconic fusion between classical and new-age music that flew under the radar (and the air-conditioning sound effects) until this set brought it all out into the daylight for our appreciation. Here, we rank the top few tracks from each disc as recommended downloads.

New for August 7, 2014:

"Star Trek: Enterprise - Season Four"

Here we dissect and chart the uniquely satisfying highs and pointlessly rambling, misfiring lows of the last televised Star Trek series to date. Some really nice arcs are developed and resolved this season, although it is all too obvious when some stories can go no further than treading water or taking a long winding route to the obvious.

New for June 22, 2014:

"Star Trek Music Catalogue" page comparing the massive slew of
new expanded Trek soundtracks with many of their older counterparts....

Find out more about the enigmatic traveling Timelord in his long-running classic BBC sci-fi series, complete with episode guide catalogues of available DVD's, videos, story & music soundtracks, extensive story reviews, and more on our Doctor Who page.

Read reviews of select Star Trek episodes in our extensive articles on Time Travel and the Prime Directive as portrayed in this famous sci-fi franchise, plus find out all about the latest products on our Star Trek page.

The time/space/choice continuum wouldn't be properly represented here without discussing this excellent sci-fi series exploring parallel dimensions on a regular basis. You'll find episode guides, products, and links to story reviews on our Sliders page.

New for May 5, 2013:

Is it time for a fresh perspective on the philosophy of the Matrix saga? Do people read too much into it? Too little? Does the trilogy really live up to the lofty ideals it is often associated with?

In this set of in-depth reviews, we take a close look at the entire saga and the wealth of philosophical thought that surrounds it, and come up with a new angle that you won't quite find on any of the unique commentaries or featurettes often packaged in with the movies....

Reviews: "The Matrix", "The Animatrix" from "The Second Renaissance" to "Matriculated" and
"Final Flight of the Orisis / Enter the Matrix"
, "The Matrix: Reloaded", "The Matrix: Revolutions", and
the documentary "Return to Source: Philosophy and the Matrix"
. launches its new

Science Fiction Page

discussing a wider variety of sci-fi TV series and movies....

New for December 22, 2013:

The review for the big 50th is here:
"The Day of the Doctor"

This Anniversary Special delivers on many exciting elements, but has the anticipation for it raised expectations too high? Join us as we count the good and the not so good in our in-depth look at the many varying threads of this complicated heart-warming tale.

Resources & Other Goodies:

New for October 8, 2012: The Sims 2 Piano Songs Chart

Dr. Stephen Covey Page

Dr. Covey is famous for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a landmark book and subsequent series of lectures and material for evolving human endeavours in personal and business arenas, amongst others. Read more about his ideas and principles in our article...

Dr. Bruce Lipton

Discover the scientific mechanisms by which intelligence and perception govern molecular biology in the body, including general health, genetics, adaptation, and evolution....

Anthony Robbins'
POWERTALK! Catalogue

Listen to interviews with some of the best authors, thinkers, and social scientists of our era.

Infect the quantum field with your desire...
The extended "Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Edition" of "What the Bleep Do We Know?!" now on DVD. It's now a different movie with new discoveries each time you watch!
Harmonic Odyssey

A new age instrumental music CD composed, performed and produced by Martin Izsak.

Dr. Budwig's Flax Oil Secrets

Learn to harness the true functions of unsaturated fats and oils within the body, to energize yourself and your power to heal.

The Future of Food

The dangers of and solutions to genetically modified food...

The Earthrace Project

A really cool boat from New Zealand is attempting to set a new record speed for motor boating around the entire globe - AND they're doing it completely on a renewable energy source called Biodiesel to help raise awareness of renewable energies and biofuels. Awesome! :-) Check them out....


A freeware program from Lyratek Arts, allowing user's of C-Lab's Notator sequencer to view .son files stored on their PC. Check out LookSon, version 0.1

Check out the Archive page for complete listings of earlier updates.


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-Animal Whispering - Forgotten secrets of 2nd density that trigger the 4th....
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